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The purpose of this site is to try to provide information on the various polyforms: poly-ominoes, -iamonds, -hexes, -cubes etc.  There is a great deal of information already on the internet and these pages will try to provide links to all (well hopefully most!) relevant sites. Where no information seems available elsewhere as much information as possible will be posted here.

To enter an area of interest click on the sidebar at the left. See the Links Page for a list of other sites in which polyforms are discussed. If you know of any other sites please email me the address. Each of the areas listed in the sidebar has more specific links. Also the menu below provides an alphabetical listing of topics.

Recent additions

The main pages of this site have been translated into French, German and Italian. However, the pages in English will always be the most up to date and the multilingual part will be updated as time and my ability allow. If anyone finds errors in translation or can provide a translation for any page I should be pleased to receive an email with corrections and/or suggestions.