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This page contains links to files related to number patterns that may be downloaded.
Downloading a desired file is as simple as just clicking on the link.

Included are MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Basic programs, etc.
I will post these files as ready to use if they are not too large. The larger files will be supplied in compressed form to save storage space and download time
I intend to add more files to this page over time, so keep tuned.

About viruses
I meticulously protect my computer from viruses by scanning all drives periodically, scanning all incoming email, MS Word, Excel, and program files.
However, while I believe all the files posted here are free of viruses, it is expedient on the downloader to rescan these files.
I expect no problems as a result of downloading any of the files posted here, but accept no responsibility for damage of any kind caused by such downloading .

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MS Word documents


549 kb There are still a few copies of the 2nd run of  The Magic Cube Lexicon : Illustrated available!
And now a free PDF version of the first one-quarter of the book.


402 kb 144 order-5 pandiagonal magic squares derived from the 36 essentially different ones.

175 kb All 880 4x4 magic squares sorted by groups. (unzipped 661 kb)

175 kb All 880 4x4 magic squares sorted by Frenicle index. (unzipped 667 kb)


33 kb A number pattern based on the cyclic number 1/17


236 kb Notes and lists of PPDI numbers and RDI cycles.


29 kb A small text file of star A solutions, orders 15 - 50,  supplied by Simon Whitechapal, Sept. 9, 2003.

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MS Excel


49 kb A template I use for testing if a square is magic. Presently tests orders 3-9 and 16.


37 kb Tests order-13 magic squares for Quadrant Magic Square properties.

177 kb Test spreadsheet for the variation of Franklin's newly discovered 16x16, as shown on my Franklin page.

Prime Heterosquares

59 kb An Excel spreadsheet listing many Anurag Sahay's heterosquare and anti-magic squares.

123 kb A zipped Excel document sorted list of all 3600 5x5 pandiagonals. (unzipped 738 kb)
Compact_8-MS.xls 144 kb An Excel document comparing features of 7 order 8 Franklin type compact squares,

MS Excel files by John Hendricks


33 kb 3-D diagrams of 2 order 3 cubes are displayed with provision to enter values for c, x, y and z. A catalog of the values for each of the four basic magic cubes is given. 1 of the two diagrams can be set up to display a basic cube, then values from another corner of this cube may be entered to display one of it's 48 aspects in the second diagram.


16 kb This interactive display reveals the number of each of 13 characteristics for the order and dimensions of the object entered.


43 kb Investigate the world's first perfect magic Tesseract. This interactive spreadsheet displays the 16 numbers in any of the 40 lines starting at any coordinate of this order 16, dimension 4 hypercube.
Perfect means that this tesseract has all pan-quadragonals correct, and all 64 cubes and 1536 squares contained in it are also perfect.


38 kb 3-D diagrams of each of the 4 order 3 basic magic cubes are shown in this interactive spreadsheet. Provision is made for entering values for the lower left corner and the 3 numbers adjacent to it, so as to provide a different aspect of  one of these 4 cubes.

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I have a great many programs on recreational mathematics that have been written in QuickBasic 4.5 over the last 25 years.
I would like to convert these to the more modern and user friendly Visual Basic. However, I never seem to have the time.
Any volunteers out there?
I had hoped to post some of them on this page. However, because of security, I find that Yahoo Geocities will not allow this (a wise precaution, I suppose). Instead, I will post source code as a text file. That leaves you, the reader, with three options.

  1. If you have QB45 installed on your computer, you may load this file directly.

  2. You may rewrite the source code for Visual Basic (good idea! See 'volunteers' above), or simply look at the text file to get ideas.
    ( Because some of  this code is 1/4 century old, and also because I am not a trained programmer, do not expect to see clever programming examples.)

  3. E-mail me for a copy of the program.

Bytmaker.txt 2kb Steps through the decimal #'s 1-255 showing the binary bits and ASCII characters.
Conv2Dec 3kb A simple but useful program that converts 2 to 4 digit base 2 to 9 numbers to decimal.
DecRnum.txt 5kb Counting 1 to 2000 and conversion between Decimal and Roman Numerals.
Factors.txt 2kb Finds factor pairs and determines if # is square, prime, perfect, abundant, or deficient.
FastPie.txt 1 kb A fast method of computing Pi to 15 decimal places.
FourSqr.txt 4kb Finds all 880 order-4 magic squares and lists them in Frenicle index order.
HCFactor.txt 2kb Finds the highest common factor of 2 integers with a total of <26 digits.
Magic12.txt 59 kb Source code for a program first written in 1993 to demonstrate various m.square routines.
MgSqrOdd.txt 3kb Constructs odd order m. squares. choice of size 3-13, starting number and start position.
Pan5x5.txt 17 kb Source for a program that produces a list of 144 or all 3600 order-5 pan magic squares.
PerProd.txt 2kb A Perfect Product number is one whose prime factors are all unique prime numbers.
PFactors.txt 2kb Finds the prime factors of a number of up to 7 digits.
PrimeNum.txt 9kb Generate prime numbers to 32767. Also test for. Also 3 different prime plots.
Sqr4Comp.txt 8kb Finds complement pairs and other features from data generated by FourSqr.bas.
Star_6.txt 12kb One of the series of programs I used to find magic star solutions. This one finds order-6.

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