Polycube Prisms

An old problem in combinatorial geometry is to find the smallest solid box that a polycube can tile. See, for example, Pentacubes in a Box.

Here I show minimal results for a broader problem: find the smallest prism that a polycube can tile. Some polycubes that cannot tile boxes can tile prisms.

I do not show flat polycubes, which are prisms in their own right.

The usual definition of a prism is a solid of uniform height over a polygonal base. Here the polygon is a polyomino. I allow polyominoes with holes, though such polyominoes are technically not polygons.

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Holeless Variant


1 Tile

2 Tiles

3 Tiles

4 Tiles

6 Tiles

8 Tiles


Allowing Reflection

Sometimes we can use fewer tiles by letting the hexacube be reflected:

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