Pentahex Pair Oddities


A polyhex oddity is a symmetrical figure formed by an odd number of copies of a polyhex. Symmetrical figures can also be formed with copies of two different polyhexes. Here are the smallest known full-symmetry oddities for the 231 pairs of polyhexes.

See also Pentomino Pair Oddities and Hexiamond Pair Oddities.

Basic Solutions

5AC —5AD 115AE 175AF 175AH 17
5AI 235AJ 175AK 235AL 175AN 11
5AP 115AQ 175AR 175AS 295AT 65
5AU 295AV 235AW 175AX 295AY 17
5AZ 235CD 115CE 235CF 175CH 23
5CI 475CJ 295CK 175CL 29
5CN 235CP 115CQ 35
5CR 295CS 235CT —5CU 175CV 29
5CW 355CX 595CY 175CZ 175DE 11
5DF 115DH 115DI 115DJ 115DK 11
5DL 115DN 115DP 115DQ 115DR 11
5DS 115DT 115DU 115DV 115DW 11
5DX 115DY 115DZ 115EF 175EH 23
5EI 175EJ 235EK 295EL 175EN 17
5EP 115EQ 235ER 175ES 175ET —
5EU 295EV 295EW 295EX 175EY 17
5EZ 175FH 235FI 175FJ 115FK 17
5FL 175FN 175FP 115FQ 175FR 17
5FS 175FT 175FU 235FV 175FW 17
5FX 175FY 175FZ 175HI 55HJ 23
5HK 115HL 235HN 115HP 115HQ 17
5HR 175HS 115HT 175HU 235HV 29
5HW 295HX 115HY 115HZ 175IJ 17
5IK 295IL 115IN 115IP 115IQ 23
5IR 175IS 655IT 415IU 235IV 35
5IW 295IX 655IY 115IZ 175JK 17
5JL 175JN 115JP 115JQ 235JR 11
5JS 175JT 235JU 235JV 235JW 29
5JX 175JY 175JZ 175KL 175KN 11
5KP 115KQ 115KR 115KS 115KT 29
5KU 115KV 235KW 115KX 115KY 11
5KZ 115LN 115LP 115LQ 175LR 17
5LS 115LT 235LU 235LV 235LW 23
5LX 235LY 115LZ 115NP 115NQ 11
5NR 115NS 295NT 115NU 115NV 11
5NW 175NX 175NY 115NZ 175PQ 11
5PR 115PS 115PT 115PU 115PV 11
5PW 115PX 115PY 115PZ 115QR 23
5QS 295QT 355QU 115QV 295QW 5
5QX 235QY 175QZ 115RS 295RT 17
5RU 235RV 175RW 175RX 175RY 11
5RZ 175ST 295SU 355SV 295SW 23
5SX 535SY 115SZ 295TU —5TV 35
5TW 175TX 355TY 175TZ 235UV 29
5UW 295UX 115UY 175UZ 295VW 35
5VX 295VY 175VZ 175WX 115WY 17
5WZ 175XY 115XZ 115YZ 11

Holeless Variants

5AE 235AF 415AI —5AS —5AT —
5AU —5AV 295AX 535AZ 355CE —
5CF 415CH 295CI —5CJ —5CQ —
5CS 475CU —5CW 415CX —5CY 17
5EF 355EI —5EJ 295ES —5EU 53
5EV 415EW 355EX —5EY 175FI —
5FJ 415FK 235FL 235FS 415FT 35
5FU —5FV 415FX 415HI 115HJ 29
5HT 295HU 295IN 235IS —5IT —
5IU —5IW 415IX —5IY 175JQ 41
5JT —5JU —5JV 295JW 415KT 35
5KV 295NT 295NU 295NV 295QS 35
5QU 235QW 175RT 235RY 175ST —
5SU —5SX 655SY 175SZ 355TW 41
5TX 835TY 175UW 415UX —5UZ 35
5VW 415XY 17

Last revised 2020-02-15.

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