Polyomino Sudoku Problems

Various sets of polyominoes can be used to form Sudoku problems.

The rules are pretty much the same as for normal Sudoku except that there are multiple panels (coloured alternately white and grey) with the conditions that
  (a) in each panel all numbers occur in every row and column;
  (b) all numbers occur in each polyomino
At times other conditions may also be added.

The overlapping squares in these problems require some extra methods from the normal single square Sudoku. Here is a simple example to demonstrate how they work. Notice that neither square can be solved separately and information from one square is needed to complete the other.

A number of new considerations help solving these problems. Some are outlined in the hints page.

It would, of course, be possible to use other polyforms to form Sudoku type problems as with the two examples here. There is little advantage, however, in doing this as no added complexity would seem to occur in using these other forms.

Students of T.I.D. RONSE school in Belgium have some other polyomino Sudoku problems.