Multiple Compatibility for Polyiamonds


A set of polyforms is compatible if there exists a figure that each of them can tile. Here are minimal figures that can be tiled by a given number of n-iamonds. If you find a smaller solution or one that can be tiled by more n-iamonds, please write.

For polyominoes see Multiple Compatibility for Polyominoes. For polyhexes see Multiple Compatibility for Polyhexes.


2 Tetriamonds

3 Tetriamonds


3 Pentiamonds

4 Pentiamonds


5 Hexiamonds

6 Hexiamonds

7 Hexiamonds

8 Hexiamonds


5 Heptiamonds

6 Heptiamonds

9 Heptiamonds

Last revised 2012-06-22.

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